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" Nagasaki's night views, constantly evolving."

The Appeal of Nagasaki’s Night View

Enjoy the world's first-ever illumination and continuous evolution of Nagasaki's night view

After being designated as one of the "World's New Three Most Spectacular Night Views," not only domestic visitors but also international tourists have flocked to the area. Observation deck is the most popular spot of night view’s point in Nagasaki city.

Centered around Nagasaki Port, known as the "Crane Port," countless lights shine in the basin-like terrain surrounded by mountains. The beauty of the landscape is not the only highlight. The city's unique topography, with steep hills rising from the coastal area, creates a dynamic and three-dimensional night view that can be enjoyed from various locations. A prime example of this is the grand panorama view from Mt. Inasa. To get the full picture of the Nagasaki night view, the cylindrical observatory deck located at the summit is the best spot. With an elevation of 333 meters, a 360-degree field of view is ensured, allowing one to appreciate all the light clusters and landmarks within Nagasaki City. It has been designated as one of "Japan's Top 100 Most Beautiful Moon Views" and as a "Night View Heritage of Japan." On the other hand, there are also numerous locations where you can enjoy the visual characteristics of Nagasaki's night view, albeit with a more limited view compared to Mt. Inasa, such as Mt. Nabekanmuri, Glover Garden, Glover Sky Road, Tateyama, and Kazagashira Park. There is too much to explore in just one night. So, what are the features of the Nagasaki night view that enchant so many people? If I were to express it in one phrase, it might be "a night view that mirrors the starry sky onto the earth." The irregular and countless lights from residences and streetlights in the hilly areas resemble clusters of stars twinkling in the night sky. Connecting these lights together, they start to resemble constellations. Inspired by these features, the world's first "night view lights" were used to create “A Story of the Stars: Nagasaki Constellations," featuring constellations and heart shapes emerging among countless stars, adding a dramatic touch. In 2021, this view became available from Mt. Nabekanmuri as well, following Mt. Inasa. "Nagasaki, aiming for a new future through change rather than remaining unchanged." Please fully enjoy the braveness of the Nagasaki night view, which continues to constantly create new value.


Enjoying a Special Course of Nagasaki’s Night View and Cuisine

Are the night view experts ready to challenge the "Nagasaki Night View"?
Touring this ultimate course will surely leave your heart and stomach feeling truly satisfied!

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Representative Natural Night View Spots of Nagasaki

Nagasaki City, surrounded by mountains and featuring a basin-like terrain, has numerous places where you can enjoy grand panoramas, such as parks on the mountains and Nagasaki Seaside Park. Why not visit the night view spots that interest you using rental cars, on foot, or by bus?

Representative Natural Night View Spots of Nagasaki map

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Take a Walk While Enjoying Nagasaki's Night View

The night view of Nagasaki is not just about grand panoramas. The illumination on streets filled with historical and cultural vibes is also one of the attractions. We have introduced four walking routes with different themes, offering various ways to enjoy it.

Nagasaki's Special Night View

One reason Nagasaki attracts attention worldwide is that it offers a "special night view" with creative ideas unlike any other city. Please enjoy "A Story of the Stars: Nagasaki Constellations," an illumination using the world's first "night view lights," an event worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.