Nagasaki Seaside Park

This seaside park was created by reclaiming Nagasaki Port and consists of three areas: “Land Plaza,” “Aqua Garden,” and “Canal Promenade.” There are no obstructions along the coast of the plaza and garden, offering an unobstructed view of various lights surrounding Nagasaki Port. In particular, you can fully enjoy the triple illumination from the Megami Ohashi Bridge (Venus Wing), recognized as a "Night View Heritage of Japan," the Giant Cantilever Crane, a part of the "Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution” and a designated World Heritage Site, and the illuminated Mt. Inasa Radio Tower. Additionally, from the twilight hours when the backdrop of Mt. Inasa is dyed red in the evening when lights flicker on the water surface, it is filled with charm that changes with each passing hour.

For more details on access and operating hours, visit here:

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