Mt. Nabekanmuri Park

Located above the Minami-yamate district, where Oura Cathedral and Glover Garden are situated, Mt. Nabekanmuri is a mountain covered in greenery, resembling an upside-down cooking pot (nabe), and has been affectionately called "Nabekaburiyama" by the locals. Designated as a "Night View Heritage of Japan," the night view of Nagasaki from an elevation of 169m is like a painting, maintaining a sense of depth where the mountain ridge, the lights of the port, and the city blend together. Streetlights, walking paths, and restrooms are installed, allowing visitors to feel safe even at night. The observatory's top viewing area is a protruding area, enabling an immersive night view experience. It is also recommended to visit the park during the nighttime operating hours of the Glover Garden.

For more details on access and operating hours, visit here:

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