The Appeal of Nagasaki’s Night View

Enjoy the world's first-ever illumination and continuous evolution of Nagasaki's night view

After being designated as one of the "World's New Three Most Spectacular Night Views," not only domestic visitors but also international tourists have flocked to the area. Observation deck is the most popular spot of night view’s point in Nagasaki city.

Centered around Nagasaki Port, known as the "Crane Port," countless lights shine in the basin-like terrain surrounded by mountains. The beauty of the landscape is not the only highlight. The city's unique topography, with steep hills rising from the coastal area, creates a dynamic and three-dimensional night view that can be enjoyed from various locations. A prime example of this is the grand panorama view from Mt. Inasa. To get the full picture of the Nagasaki night view, the cylindrical observatory deck located at the summit is the best spot. With an elevation of 333 meters, a 360-degree field of view is ensured, allowing one to appreciate all the light clusters and landmarks within Nagasaki City. It has been designated as one of "Japan's Top 100 Most Beautiful Moon Views" and as a "Night View Heritage of Japan." On the other hand, there are also numerous locations where you can enjoy the visual characteristics of Nagasaki's night view, albeit with a more limited view compared to Mt. Inasa, such as Mt. Nabekanmuri, Glover Garden, Glover Sky Road, Tateyama, and Kazagashira Park. There is too much to explore in just one night. So, what are the features of the Nagasaki night view that enchant so many people? If I were to express it in one phrase, it might be "a night view that mirrors the starry sky onto the earth." The irregular and countless lights from residences and streetlights in the hilly areas resemble clusters of stars twinkling in the night sky. Connecting these lights together, they start to resemble constellations. Inspired by these features, the world's first "night view lights" were used to create “A Story of the Stars: Nagasaki Constellations," featuring constellations and heart shapes emerging among countless stars, adding a dramatic touch. In 2021, this view became available from Mt. Nabekanmuri as well, following Mt. Inasa. "Nagasaki, aiming for a new future through change rather than remaining unchanged." Please fully enjoy the braveness of the Nagasaki night view, which continues to constantly create new value.

Motoo Marumaru profile 

Motoo Marumaru

Night View Critic/Night View Producer/Illumination Producer
Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau

Born in 1965. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Tourism Division at Rikkyo University. Began full-scale activities as Japan’s only and unparalleled night view critic. The only creator who has set three world records in the Guinness Book of World Records for staging three night views all at once: 1) the world’s largest geoglyph created by lights, 2) the world’s largest sculpture of light, and 3) the world’s largest SK projection mapping on a surface of water. Has written over 60 books related to night views, a recent work being “Illumination Pia 2023 Edition” (Pia). Served as a Night View Tourism Advisor for Kobe, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kawasaki, Shunan, Ashikaga, Hiroshima Prefecture, Sapporo, Shizuoka, etc. Overseer of the “Night View Certification (Night View Certifiers).” Produced illuminations for numerous locations annually, including Tokinosumika Illumination (Shizuoka), Laguna Ten Bosch (Aichi), Geo Illumination (Fukui), APA Resort Joetsu Myoko Illumination (Niigata), Mojiko Retro (Fukuoka), Kokura Illumination (Fukuoka), Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki), etc. Also involved in the lighting up of Dejima, National Treasure Oura Cathedral, Nakamachi Church, Iron Tree in Kitakyushu, and many more.
Trademark Registration “Night View Critic” No. 4408194
Lighting Consultant (certified by The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan)
Public Relations Ambassador for Saitama ScoutCouncil SAJ

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