Nagasaki's Special Night View

One reason Nagasaki garners attention from around the world is the ability to enjoy "special night views" through innovative ideas not found in other cities. A must-see at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy the world's first "Night View Lights" with the night view production "Nagasaki: A Story of Stars".

Night View Critic & Night View Producer  Produced by Marumaru Motoo Constellations and hearts appear in one of the World's New Three Most Spectacular Night Views! The world's first night view lights are introduced. A Story of the Stars: Nagasaki Constellations

A Story of the Stars: Nagasaki Constellation
The night view of Nagasaki was awarded the titles of one of the "World's New Three Most Spectacular Night Views" and one of "Japan's New Three Most Spectacular Night Views." The beautiful night view from the port is like a starry sky, which is unique worldwide. Within this starry sky, "constellations" and "hearts" that reflect Nagasaki's history and culture appear. It is the magic of lights created by the world’s first “night view lights” that create the constellations and hearts. Depending on the season, time, and events, you can experience the changing night view.